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Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine Repellent Lavender Scent Spray (3) 4 OZ. in Brushed Aluminum Bottles
Granite Shield's recommended all purpose cleaner for granite is Kleen N Shine. Kleen N Shine repellent spray is the best granite cleaner available on the market and is the preferred cleaner for granite sealed with the Granite Shield process. Just spray and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. Cleans, repels and shines. Your granite has never felt smoother or shinier. For hard surfaces other than flooring you may find Kleen N Shine may be the most used cleaner you will ever use. To maintain the Granite Shield warranty on glass and stainless steel with the Granite Shield process must be maintained at least once a month with Kleen N Shine. Kleen N Shine can also be used on engineered stone. Caution: Do not use on flooring. May be slippery! *Granite* *Marble* *Glass* Mirrors* *Stainless Steel* *Wood* *Leather* *Plastic* *Acrylic* *Fiberglass* *Cars* *Boats* RV's* *Eye Glasses* *Computer Screens*

Created by Debbie Burton-Phillips

(3) 4 OZ. Spray Bottle Lavender Scent in Brushed Aluminum Bottles

Click here to view video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4tpQ8u7Bng

*Unfortunately due to the increasing popularity of natural stone many over the counter natural stone cleaners and polishers and online natural stone cleaners and polishers are popping up on the market and some are not safe for natural stone and will cause you problems. Caution some over the counter cleaners and polishers that say they are granite and marble cleaners and polishers contain mineral oil, wax and/or silicone and should not be used on granite. Mineral oil left on granite (sealed or unsealed) long periods of time can change the color of the granite and discolor. Wax, plastic, acrylic and silicone can yellow, crack, peal or scratch and can leave a thin layer of film on your granite. If in areas where you clean your granite (sealed or unsealed) changes colors or discolors may indicate it was caused by cleaning products. Baby oil is mineral oil. Would you clean your granite with baby oil? Over the counter natural stone rejuvenators, refreshers, revitalizers and or polishers (not needed or recommended with the Granite Shield process and may contain mineral oil, silicone, plastic, acrylic or wax which Granite Shield products do not contain)*

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Price: $19.99

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