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Whale Warrior - Paperback (shipped to NZ or Australia)
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In a frank account filled with high action, humour and emotion, Pete Bethune describes the events which led up to the ramming of Sea Shepherd’s the Ady Gil,his dramatic boarding, detention on the Shonan Maru, arrest on arrival in Tokyo and subsequent long ordeal in jail awaiting trial and sentencing.
After four years devoted to the wave-piercing, biodiesel-powered Earthrace boat, which set a world record for a powerboat to circle the globe, skipper Pete Bethune was ready for a fresh challenge.
Soon Earthrace becomes the Ady Gil and, as part of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s protest fleet, heads off to play cat and mouse with the Japanese whalers and their security escorts among the icebergs in Antarctic waters. In a shocking scene that reverberates around the world, the Ady Gil is rammed and later sinks. But the ‘Gill-billies’ are not finished . . . and hatch a plan to board the ship responsible, the Shonan Maru, arrest the captain and present him with a bill for damages.
These events focused worldwide attention on the whaling issue. They also exposed political machinations and often bitter emotions surrounding it. In Whale Warrior, Pete Bethune describes those at the centre of the action, their convictions and aims, and the highs and lows of their audacious campaign.

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